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Trueline Cut N Core with a team of experienced operators and a fleet of well-maintained equipment are ready to handle any projects large or small. Concrete cutting, wall saw cutting, asphalt cutting, core drilling, curb cut approaches and concrete removal.

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  • Concrete Cutting
  • Concrete Sawing
  • Flat Saw Cutting
  • Asphalt Cutting
  • Core Drilling
  • Concrete Grinding
  • Concrete Break and Removal
  • Equipment Hauling

Area’s Of Service

Serving Southern Utah and Northern Nevada from Nephi to Mesquite including the following cities:
St George, Washington, Mesquite, Ivins, Santa Clara, Cedar City, New Harmony, Beaver, Kanab, Panguitch, Las Vegas, Henderson, Sumerlin, Page, Parawon, Fillmore, and more…

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  • Curb Cutting
  • Wall Sawing
  • Flat Sawing
  • Core Drilling

Curb Saw 2With our horizontal curb saws we are able to accommodate all your residential and commercial needs including driveway entrances, ADA ramps, parking lot modifications, access ramps and any other curb cutting needs.

Why use a Horizontal Curb Saw?

Prior to the design of the horizontal curb saw, installing wheelchair ramps and driveway approaches was labor intensive and time consuming. It could take days to complete. The horizontal curb saw eliminates the need to remove and replace the curb by making longitudinal cuts through the concrete at variable angles. This saves time, labor, and materials allowing Trueline Cut N Core to get your approaches complete quickly so you can move on to the job of pouring the concrete.

Wall Saw 3Wall sawing allows us to create door and window openings as well as the precise work of selective demolition. Our specialized operators are trained in the art of concrete removal. They can determine the fastest and safest method for providing exceptional results.

We understand that each concrete cutting project is unique. We are dedicated to serving our customers to ensure that each job is done right the first time—on time.

Flat sawing, sometimes referred to as slab sawing, is used to cut horizontal surfaces such as roads, concrete floors, sidewalks, slabs and to create control joints in new concrete. The modern flat saw equipped with a diamond blade can penetrate steel reinforced concrete, asphalt, cinder block, stone and pre-cast concrete. Electrical units are ideal for indoor projects and areas with low ventilation. They can be used to create trenches often used to install plumbing or electrical components.

These machines are powerful and lightweight, requiring only a single professional operator.

For all of your concrete and asphalt cutting needs, call Trueline Cut N Core for fast, free estimates and quality work.

Core drills create a precise circular hole in concrete structures such as floors and walls to aid in installing electrical wiring, sprinkler systems, HVAC ducts, plumbing and manhole taps.

Our concrete cutting and coring professionals are able to drill holes of any size, angle, or depth. Our concrete core drilling equipment creates smooth, perfectly sized holes according to your specifications. Our experts are skilled in working in a variety of areas, including those with limited access.

Trueline was very professional and met all of my needs. They were willing to work with me and a few questions I had and their work was top notch. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again. There work is awesome!

Dan Brown

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